Saturday, July 26, 2008

Özcan's Bday

Özcan(pronounced Er-z-jon roughly =) ) just earned his PhD and will be leaving our group this next week. Thankfully, he was still here for us to celebrate his birthday. We had bought a cake for him on his actual birthday, but the janitor locked the break room before we could take the cake out of the refrigerator. To celebrate, we ended up going to Drunk for dinner. Sertan's wife and Damla's boyfriend, Emre, were able to join us. After a few pints, we all went home.

The next day, we were determined to celebrate with the cake. Actually, everyone else was worried the cake would go bad because they weren't sure how long the cake had been in the refrigerator at the store. So we all gathered in Damla's lab, and at my urging sang happy birthday to Özcan. The funny thing is that their version is somewhat inverted. They sing"

Happy Birthday Özcan,
Happy Birthday Özcan,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Özcan

Afterwards, we at the Banana-Chocolate cake and drank tea. It was a blast!

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Canan Gücüyener said...

i think that you haven't seen really what we can usually do for a birthday party since we all have been writing thesis up to this moment. My birthday, Canan's birthday, and Mert's birthday -hopefully if you can still be here- will be more fun since we'll be all relaxed. May be even we can celebrate your birthday!