Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A night in Kizilay...

On Monday night, it was coming to the end of the day when my labmate Mert asked if I had any plans for dinner. Never having dinner plans, I said no. He invited me to go with Canan and him to Kizilay for dinner. We took the Dolmus to Kizilay, and we walked around for bit. Because Mert was making fun of Canan's descriptions of everything, Canan made him tell me about everything. He pointed out many nice coffee houses and restaurants. Canan has been meaning to take me to stores that have cool T-shirts, so we went to one. I found a pretty cool T-shirt. It was marked 14.5 YTL but the girl only charged me 10 for it.

We then went to Leman Kultur for dinner. Leman is a magazine here in Turkey, much like Mad Magazine I think. It features a cartoon on the cover of each one. This restaurant uses them as its theme. The walls are covered in blown up versions of past comics and the menu items are named after aspects of the cartoons. We all got beers, and I ended up ordering steak in a demiglace with mashed potatoes and fries. I don't really understand why they serve two starches, but I'm not going to question it since it was yummy.

Well, somehow I ended up drinking 3 beers which was Tuborg at this place. Tuborg is a Danish beer (I think, their website was vague) which is apparently much stronger than Efes. Well, on the second beer, I thought the waiter was asking if I was done but apparently he asked if I wanted another....Whoops... After three beers, Mert asked if I wanted to try Turkish Coffee. There was no question what the answer was going to be... Yes! Well, I wasn't as impressed as I thought I was going to be, but that was also because they added sugar after he asked for it without. It is pretty strong but not like espresso. Mert explained that there is a type of coffee more like espresso in Turkey and that we can try that later. Apparently, it's stronger... =)

After dinner, they walked me back to the Dolmus station, and I took one back to campus. It was a great night!

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