Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Change In Direction...

It occurs to be that I haven't updated on my research since last September, or there abouts. Since I am waiting for a computer code to finish running, I figured I would update on that part of my life. At the end of December, I switched research groups into the Advanced Composites Research Engineering and Science (ACRES) Group here at UC Davis. Our group's main focuses include Non-Destructive Evaluation of composite structures, structural analysis of Bi-Stable Structures, and building a solar race car for the World Solar Challenge. The WSC is a race from North to South across Australia powering a high speed racer with nothing but solar power. My work in the ACRES group focuses on using non-destructive evaluation techniques to detect flaws or damage in composites parts, particularly ones intended for Aerospace / Aeronautical applications. I will also have the pleasure of going to Turkey for three months this summer. In fact, I leave in less than 3 weeks. I will be collaborating with a group in Chemical Engineering at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. I will be updating this site far more regularly while I am gone, so as to stay in touch with family and friends. As finals wrap up, I'll try and get this all up to date, including my trip to two different conferences. One was for the trip to Turkey, which was in Washington DC, and the other was in Long Beach for a SAMPE conference.

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