Monday, May 19, 2008

Seabright Brewing Company

This is a pretty rad brewery near downtown Santa Cruz. With the amazing weather, we had the option of sitting inside or out on their rather large patio. They served really good food, which ended up being a nice last meal on our tour. Our server, Anjyll, had obvious been working their for a while as she had the Angel's Food beer named after her. All of our food ended up being really delicious, so I think I'll be frequenting this place any time I come to Santa Cruz.

  • Pelican Pale Ale - This Pale Ale has a nice roasted grain flavor which is complimented by a bitter hopy aftertaste. This is definitely a solid pale ale in the spirit of Sierra Nevada. The aftertaste gives the impression that there is rice incorpoarted somewhere in the brewing process. Score: 5/10
  • Amber - This is a completely awesome amber ale. It has a flavor very similar to Fat Tire but with a far more complex aftertaste. Score: 5/10
  • Bock - This bock has a banana like flavor which is typical of wheaty German beers. I am not personally a fan, but this is a pretty solid beer, so if German beers are your style then I would recommend it. Score: 5/10
  • Sacrilicious - This is the beer that I got a pint of. This is a very hoppy, ambery beer. It is a combination of an Amber and an IPA, which are my two favorite styles of beer. This type of beer is what dreams are made of. Score: 7/10
  • Angel's Food - This unique beer has a sweet and caramelly flavor with a kick from the 11% alcohol content, much like Anjyll's personality. I could easy drink lots of this, but would quickly get myself into trouble. The honey in it definitely gives is a really smooth flavor and texture. Score: 8/10
  • G-Man IPA - This is an British style IPA which isn't very hoppy like American IPAs. This is a pretty mild beer with a bitter aftertaste. I'm not super impressed with this beer, but never having a British IPA before, I am not exactly sure what to expect. Score: 4/10
  • Oatmeal Stout - The flavor progression of this beer is very interesting. It transitions from a chocolate flavor, to one that is berry-y, to charcoally, and then to a smooth aftertaste. I think this is an incredible trait of this stout. I would definitely drink this often if I had access to it. Score: 8/10

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