Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sequoia Brewing Company

Sequoia Brewing Company is one of two micro-breweries in Fresno, CA with the other being Full Circle Brewing Company. Most of the beers in this brewpub/restaurant left a lot to be desired. Their food was alright, but most of it wasn't fresh. My burger came with a BBQed frozen patty inside which I ordered medium-rare that came definitely well done, All in all, this is an alright place to go to if you are ever in Fresno, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go here.

  • Blossom Trail Honey Wheat - This is a really good starter beer. It only has a slight malty taste to it, which most new beer drinkers don't care as much for. For me it didn't provide much taste, and I probably wouldn't get it again. Score: 1/10

  • Moto Brew American Pale Ale - This Pale Ale lacked all the flavor that I think that Pale Ales should have. Pale Ales are meant to be a kick in the mouth second only to IPAs. This beer lacked a kick what so ever and made me feel like I was drinking water. Score: 1/10

  • Sequoia Gold German Kolsch - This beer had a super smooth taste with a mild aftertaste. This is a really good all around beer for someone who wants to have a refreshing pint after a long day. Score: 4/10

  • Del Oro Mexican Light - Don't waste you time with this beer unlike you are a Corona fiend. It tastes exactly like Corona with a much higher price tag. Score: 2/10

  • Tamarack American Amber - Tamarack Amber has a really nice amber caramel flavor with a smooth hoppy aftertaste. I could have drank a good amount of this beer. This is another great beer after a long day. Score: 5/10

  • Mineral King IPA - This beer has a great hoppy and piney flavor. This beer reminds of me Russian River Brewing Company's Pliny the Elder without the immense kick in the mouth. This is the beer I got a pint of while here. I would definitely get another next time I'm in the area. Score: 6/10

  • Black Oak Porter - This is a alright after meal beer. This porter has a standard porter taste that has hints of charcoal and chocolate. Score: 5/10

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Bas said...

Kölsch style is typically served in glasses much smaller than a pint (0.2 liters) it stays fresh and you can have a lot of glasses... While you are in Turkey you need to catch a super cheap Inter-Euro-flight-thingy and we'll do a Kölsch-only brewery tour in my hometown...