Friday, April 25, 2008


This brewery/restaurant is located in an awesome place in downtown Visalia. Unfortunately, their beer does not reflect the awesomeness of the space that contains it. Their beer and hand-made sodas all taste watered down.

  • Rootbeer - Tastes like Mug Rootbeer. It was served with ice, so the watered down taste might have come from that, but I find that unlikely as all everything tasted watered down. Score 1/10

  • Orange Creme - Tastes very close to Thomas Kmeper's Orange Creme but unfortunately watered down. The creme taste coupled with the orange created a taste very much like the orange crème ice cream bars. Score 1/10

  • Green Apple - This disappointing soda tasted like a Green Apple Jolly Rancher which has been watered down considerably. Score 1/10

  • Raspberry Apple - I had high hopes for this cider after the disappointing sodas earlier. This is a straight forward apple cider with a raspberry flavoring. It does not have the weird malty aftertaste that a lot of apple ciders have which is the only reason it didn't receive a score of 1. Score 3/10

  • Apple Cider - This cider is a perfect melding between sparkling apple cider and alcohol. This apple cider didn't leave any of the typical aftertaste of most apple ciders. I have always been turned off of apple ciders for this specific reason and have been searching for an exception. Because I seem to have high standards for apple ciders (maybe unwarranted), I gave this a 5 out of shear surprise that there was an apple cider that actually met me half way. This was the only beer that I actually liked. I didn't get it when each of us got a pint because it didn't fit my mood at the time. Score 5/10

  • Honey Wheat - No honey flavor what so ever! I would have been better off just drinking water than wasting time with this beer. Score 1/10

  • Schwartzbier - I have never had this style of beer before, but I am sure that it wasn't suppose to taste like it did. My first thought after tasting this beer was that it tastes like teriyaki sauce. Now at first, that greatly disturbed me. But, if you drank this beer with sushi or other asian dishes, this might be a great beer for that. Not being a great fan of Asian beers in general, I would drink this beer before them when going to restaurants that I can pair this beer with. Score 3/10

  • Sequoia - It's an alright red ale. That's about it.... I think I have said that these beers are all watered down enough... Score: 3/10

  • Sherman Stout - This very plain stout has hints of charcoal, just like a stout should. That's about all to say about this lackluster beer. Score 3/10

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