Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lengthwise Brewery

The people of Bakersfield are truly blessed to have this awesome gem in their city. This brewery/restaurant has a very industrial feel to it, which is right up its alley being located in an industrial/commercial part of town. I don't know if I'll be able to sing this place enough praises. This place has a very local feel to it. Before entering, you encounter a corrugated metal awning supported by two keg columns. Upon entering, you realize that this place is one of the biggest brewpubs you have ever been to. You are told to seat yourselves and place your order at the bar. Not knowing they had a sampler, we just got one pint each of three different beers. For food, we ordered a basket of hot wings which were really good. The wings were hot from being freshly deep fried and smothered in a thin house-made hot sauce that had visible pieces of jalapeƱos in it. Overall, if I lived near to this brewery, I would be here several times a week.

  • Centennial IPA - This IPA is not very strong, making it perfect for people easing into IPAs. The initial hoppiness turns into a smooth finish which makes for a nive compelte beer. When I drink mulitple beers, I never have more than one IPA because of the strength of their flavors. I could easily drink a few of these and not get tired of the IPA taste. Score 5/10

  • Triple Hop Red Ale - This is my favorite of the beers we had at Lengthwise. It has a solid caramelly taste that is normally alcking in a Red Ale. Score 6/10

  • Kern County Porter - This porter has a great hints of charcoal with a smooth aftertaste. I have never had a Carbon Dioxide / Nitrogen mix in a beer before. This was an awesome combination for this beer. It seemed to make it super smooth while adding the a hint of texture from the CO2. Score 5/10

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